Mushabellies with Chatter: Mungo Monkey Mushabelly Plush

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Mushabelly Mungo Monkey

MushaBellies are a range of adorable soft toys with sound, that come with a free 3D Augmented Reality game allowing you to see your character come to life right before your eyes! Each soft toy comes with a free app download and a Mushabellies passport containing three marker cards - your character, a launcher and a target. Once you have downloaded the app - hover your device over the marker cards and watch in amazement as a MushaBellies world pops out right before your eyes! Interact with your character by moving and launching it to try and hit the target. Then increase your score by collecting the falling objects . MushABellies and targets are all interchangeable. Collect extra MushaBellies for maximum game challenge and an endless combination of game play and interaction! Two devices can be registered with one MushaBelly. One supplied.